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virtual reality,The Oculust rift

Aculus Rift
December,13 2016

Today I experienced something amazing in a different world, I was shooting aliens trying to defend a space ship, or even flying like a bird. People may think that I am saying something insane but it was a reality because of the oculus rift.

The Oculus, a great way to experience a game rather than just playing a game,it imerges you into another place. It isolates you from other and make it hard to know what is around you but it is a grate way to play games and not be bother by the world around you.

3D Games

December,15 2016

I like 3D games but it does not compare to the vertual world some game are boring and follow the same consept like Call of Duty
but i am not going to pan other game because of Call of Duty

There are still a big amount of game that are enjoyeble to people.

list of some 3D game I played

  1. Ratchet and Clank
  2. Grand Theft Auto
  3. Jack and Daxter

2D game

Deceber,16 2016

I will not lie i like to play some games that are 2 Dementional because they are fun to play you should try it.

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